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Study Abroad & Industrial Internship June & July, 8 Weeks

General Program Description

Travel to Querétaro, Mexico, for eight weeks to earn nine credits toward your engineering degree by teaming up with Mexican students of similar disciplines and level, and gain industrial experience working full time on meaningful engineering projects with multinational companies in Querétaro. Student teams work under the advice of engineers from industry and faculty members from Mexico and the USA. Local families provide room and board in a safe, healthy and friendly environment for a full cultural immersion. The program ends with a long weekend in Cancún. The program is eligible for the Statler College Certificate of Global Competency.

Important Dates

Jan 30, 2019: Pre-registration
Feb 27, 2019: Meet Mexican Students 
March 27, 2019: Last Information Seminar
April 5, 2019: Deadline for Registration
April 24, 2019: Pre-departure Meeting
June 1, 2019: Travel to Querétaro, Mexico
June 2, 2019: Start Project in Industry
July 27, 2019: Fly to Cancún or Huatulco
July 30, 2019: Return to USA

Celebrating 22 Years!

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