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Industrial Outreach Program in Mexico

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Industrial Internship & Study Abroad

Senior students in good standing in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering have the opportunity to participate in the Industrial Outreach Program in Mexico during the summer of each year (June and July) to earn a total of 9 credits (described below) toward their bachelor degree requirements. Senior students from civil, computer science, electrical, industrial, mechanical and aerospace engineering are eligible to participate in this program with departmental approval.

In this program, students are teamed up with Mexican students from local universities and conduct meaningful engineering projects in industrial sites, working full time under the guidance and supervision of practicing industrial engineers and faculty members. The duration of the program is eight weeks.

Program objectives:

    1. To add value to engineering education and to produce top quality engineering graduates with global competencies, by providing a meaningful industrial experience in a multicultural and multilingual professional environment.
    2. To bring value to industry through the projects assigned to the participating students, who apply practical engineering skills, interpersonal and communication skills and ultimately leadership skills to attain deliverables.
    3. To bring, faculty members and engineers from industry together to share expertise, capacities and experiences in formulating and solving meaningful engineering problems.

    Practical engineering problems from well-established companies in Mexico are presented to each team, with specific objectives and technical deliverables to be attained during the eight-week duration of the program. A final report and a final presentation are delivered at the end to personnel from industry and faculty members. A poster session is conducted at the closing of the program.The main venue of this program is in Querétaro City and its surroundings. Students are placed in home-stay with local families who provide clean, safe, healthy and friendly environments to students providing a full cultural and professional immersion.

    Weekends are used for field trips and cultural sightseeing. Fundamental knowledge of Spanish language is recommended but is not essential, as all the Mexican students and engineering liaisons are required to speak English.

    Courses with credit:

    MAE 471 Principles of Engineering Design (3 cr) – Capstone Design Course, or equivalent

    MAE 472 Engineering System Design (3 cr) – Project Technical Elective, or equivalent

    FCLT 260 Cultures of Mexico (3 cr) – GEF Global Studies and Diversity, or equivalent

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    This program is aimed at senior engineering students in good standing, for whom this will be their last summer in school.

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    Queretaro, Mexico


    The program focuses on two areas in Mexico: Querétaro and Guanajuato.

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    The total cost of the program is $8,500 (approximately) and is eligible for financial aid.

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    Sample lodging during program

    Housing and Logistics

    Students are placed in home-stay with local families in a well-established residential area of Querétaro (Col. Alamos 2a. Sec.)

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